Jarv Advantage Smart Watch

Jarv Advantage Smart Watch


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The Jarv Advantage Bluetooth Smart Watch, Activity/Fitness band and Fitness Tracker is the latest addition to complete line of fitness and wearable accessories for active users. With a 40mm large face and Hi resolution OLED the Jarv Advantage is the perfect daily companion!

Jarv Advantage Features: 
24/7 tracking for steps, calories, sleep and more! Bluetooth auto sync keeps activity data backed up and synchronized throughout the day with our free mobile app (available for iPhone and android devices) 
IPX7 Waterproof, able to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This means that a session in the shower, getting caught in the rain, or washing your hands will not cause damage, but prolonged exposure - such as swimming - would be harmful 
Large OLED Display offers a Hi resolution clear crisp display of text in darkness and direct sunlight- Smart watch displays time, date, battery life, plus incoming notifications for messages, calls (name and called ID), social media alerts and much more. (Compatible apps WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and many more 
Built in Lithium Polymer battery offers unbelievable battery life, quick 2 hour charge offers up to 10 Days of continuous use Built in UV sensor, alerts you when UV levels are dangerous and high Fully Programmable Alarm for sleep, wake, daily, power nap silent alarms keep you on track throughout your day (auto sleep option) plus auto disconnect feature when your watch is more than 33 ft. away from your Bluetooth device or Phone. 
Ultra-lightweight weighing in an under 1 ounce! The Jarv Advantage is lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn all day and night! User interchangeable silicone band included and can be easily upgraded and uses standard watch bands (see user’s guide for details) 
All Jarv products include a 1-year warranty.


Diameter | Thickness | Weight     40mm in / 0.3 in / 0.92 oz.

Vibration Motor                           Silent notification for wakeup and alerts

Bluetooth Compatibility               Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy

Transmission Range                   33 ft.

Motion Sensor                            Ultra low power 3-axis accelerometer

Waterproof                                  IPX7*  

*The device is water resistant- which means it is rain-proof, splashproof,

and sweat-proof. It cannot withstand the force associated with

water jet and swimming strokes. Remove your device before

showering or swimming: Pressurized or high velocity water jet may

penetrate into the device. High temperature and steam of sauna or

steam room may cause damage to the device.

Whenever you get your wristband/watch wet, dry it thoroughly before

putting it back on.

UV Sensor                                           Ultra low power UV light sensor

Bio-compatibility                              Bio-compatible TPU wristband

Display                                                  96 x 64 pixel OLED display

Battery Type                                      Rechargeable Li-polymer battery

Battery Life                                         Approximately 10 days

Operating Temperature Range  14F ~122F